Cleaning Photo Gallery

Bad Tenants?

This is the scene of many unhappy landlords after evicting their tenants.  The home or apartment is left in complete mess and the landlord has to make sure everything is clean before renting again.  In order to get anyone to pay rent, they have to make sure that they are renting a habitable place to stay.  If you ever need deep cleaning, give SERVPRO of Northbrook/Wheeling/Glencoe a call!

Hydroxyl Generators

Hydroxyl molecules are naturally found in the environment and is created to destroy odors, contaminates, bacteria, viruses, VOC's, and other chemicals.  Hydroxyl molecules however, are not found inside homes and businesses.  By taping into this naturally occurring process, we are able to mimic this with equipment that creates hydroxyl molecules, and destroys unwanted particulates.  When you have odor issues, call SERVPRO of Northbrook/Wheeling/Glencoe at (847)498-8889!